If you hear “vacation” and think “where to?” you’re what we’d call a destination person. And destination folks, take note: a Carnival Journeys cruise is the one for you. On these unique longer voyages, you can make your way to great spots with all the comfort — and fun times — of a Carnival cruise. These are some less traveled, more exotic locations best revealed by leisurely-paced Carnival Journeys voyages, so expect your vacation to be more than just great… but delightfully different.

The local flavor of a place is about more than just its food. It’s how the people live, how they spend their leisure time, and especially how they celebrate their culture. All Carnival cruises visit flavorful spots, but Carnival Journeys sailings take it one step further… and closer. So don’t be surprised if Polynesian dancers start up a traditional Hawaiian Hula dance for you — right on the deck — or if a Junkanoo down the promenade complements the conga to liven things up. Celebrations of local culture are yet another way we spice up Carnival Journeys cruises, helping you get not just a feel, but a taste for the spirit of the spots you visit.

A mind forever voyaging brings its bearer infinite returns. What we’re saying is, give your mind a little treat — take it on a Carnival Journeys cruise! Since a relaxing vacation doesn’t have to mean switching off completely, Carnival Journeys includes an all-expenses-paid scholarship to the Academy of Fun, an enriching series of onboard courses designed to help expand your horizons. Look beyond the horizon and see stars as one of the ship’s officers walks you through the historical art and science of celestial navigation — how mariners navigated the seas long before radar and GPS. For something more twenty-first century, try a “Like-able” class in social media, or a photography 101 course that’ll teach you how to take photos beyond just pointing and shooting. Never stop learning — Carnival’s Academy of Fun makes your vacation not just lively… but enlightening.


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